Twin 2000

The line of Twin 2000 mattresses with Nova Cotton cover combines the elastic and ergonomic support with the safety of a hypoallergenic product right for the whole family, for a feeling of well-being repeated night after night.

The finely crafted fabric of the cover is made of Organic Cotton, Viscose and Polyester. The Cotton used is an organic type that is highly breathable and efficiently disperses body heat. Viscose is a natural, lightweight fibre with a luminous and brilliant appearance that is extremely soft and velvety to the touch. The Polyester used is of premium quality and guarantees exceptional elasticity and durability to preserve the special characteristics of the cover. To ensure maximum safety during sleep, the fabric undergoes a lavender, lemon and eucalyptus-based treatment that inhibits the proliferation of dust-mites thereby lending the product its hypoallergenic feature. The soft padding of the Nova Cotton cover contains natural materials that grant a pleasant sensation of freshness for a healthy and rejuvenating sleep. The Organic Cotton, grown with methods and products in full respect of the environment, favours a constant passage of air. Ingeo fibre, derived from Maize and other vegetable starches, is very elastic and quickly absorbs excess moisture. To maintain the hygiene of the mattress, the cover is removable and washable at 30°C.

Mattresses of the Twin 2000 line contain Twin System with its 2000 dual spiral springs which ensure a correct support of each zone of the body. The layers of Myform Extension, placed on the top and bottom sides of the spring system, accommodate the body and accompany the movement of the springs, granting exceptional elasticity and ergonomics.

Recommend the Twin line in Nova Cotton to customers who are looking for a traditional mattress that is ergonomic and comfortable while being safe and hypoallergenic.

Mattress with Twin System springs Perfectly calibrated support
Layer in Myform Extension on the top side and bottom side of the spring system Proper support and optimum elasticity
Central box with Twin System spring system Perfect ergonomics
Cover fabric in Organic Cotton, Viscose and Polyester Comfort, freshness and excellent durability
Hypoallergenic Treatment of cover fabric Total safety
Micro-perforated perimeter strip Breathable and hygienic
System for moving the mattress with 6 side handles Exceptional practicality

Mattress della linea Twin 2000


Sostegno Balanced.

Balanced support with Twin System springs


Sostegno Soft.

Soft support with Twin System springs


Sostegno Firm.

Firm support with Twin System springs
Twin 2000
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 9001:2015 standard internazionale della qualità rilasciato da Bureau Veritas
Certificazione igienica
Certificazione igienica rilasciata da Bureau Veritas
Twin System®

Twin System®

## TecnologiaDorelan ##

7 targeted zones

Pocket springs system characterised by dual spiral springs made of a single steel wire able to offer an ergonomic and personalised support.

Non fermarti qui! I nostri esperti del sonno, ti aspettano.

Per un’esperienza di comfort unica in totale armonia e completo relax. Noi di Dorelan ascoltiamo le esigenze delle persone e impieghiamo tutte le nostre energie per trovare il prodotto giusto per le tue necessità.
Un vero segreto di salute, longevità e gioventù.

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