TPR Sommiers Line


The movement of the TPR sommier represents the most advanced technology in the field of motorised bed bases. This is a sliding system of the bed surface that synchronises the movements to guarantee the perfect positioning of the mattress during the shifting. Unlike traditional systems, the TPR sommier is designed with a concept of ultra-flat transmission: it is smaller-sized, powerful and lightweight, and has no metallic parts.


With the movement of the TPR sommier, aesthetics combines perfectly with functionality. For the maximum customisation the TPR sommier can accommodate three different support technologies to meet any need: micro-springs, slats and rigid top. A freedom of choice that also extends to covers, available in numerous fabrics and shades, right through to the range of support feet in many shapes and colours, fitted with practical wheels, if needed.


One of the innovative features of the TPR system is the incredible silence of its mechanisms. Its extraordinary power allows the bed base to be adjusted down to the millimetre and without a noise heard. The revolutionary system, silent and robust, allows the use of the high-density mattresses in total safety and comfort.


Its advanced structure makes TPR highly functional. The ultra-flat design allows the mechanism to be almost invisible, all to the advantage of aesthetics. The maximum flexibility and the power of the system guarantee excellent manoeuvrability and practicality, to the benefit of improved ergonomic support and optimum comfort.


The Dorelan TPR system is created with ultra modern materials that ensure the highest stability and functionality. The innovative layout of the motor, designed without any metal gaskets, is lightweight and at the same time, robust and resistant. With easy and quick assembly, the TPR requires no maintenance, a characteristic that indisputably marks its high quality.

Sommiers della linea TPR Sommiers Line

Groove TPR h.21


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