Soft support with Twin System springs
Highly defined support, incredible elasticity and proportionality to the weight applied: these are the remarkable features of the Twin System spring system contained in Simphony. Night after night, this mattress delivers a sleep experience memorable for its ergonomics and maximum relaxation. The cover is made with natural materials: Silk, Cashmere, Organic Cotton and Ingeo Fibre, all which bestow incredible comfort and softness.

7 targeted zones

The mattress with 7 targeted zones contains in the centre the Twin System spring system which guarantees a calibrated and targeted support, while on the top and bottom sides of the spring system, the Myform Extension provides exceptional elasticity.


Stretching out on this mattress there is an initial perception of the cushioning and comfort of the cover's plush padding, whereas the materials used for the core are studied to produce a soft support.

Myform Extension 50 kg/m3

Twin System - 2000 springs

Myform Extension 50 kg/m3

Aurum Silk

Removable cover

Machine washable at 30°C on gentle cycle







Organic Cotton


Mattress with Twin System springs Perfectly calibrated support
Layer in Myform Extension on the top side and bottom side of the spring system Proper support and optimum elasticity
Central box with Twin System spring system Perfect ergonomics
Cover crafted in Capitonné Soft and precious cushioning
Cover fabric in Silk, Viscose and Polyester Exceptional comfort and high durability
Cover padding in Cashmere, Organic Cotton, Ingeo Fibre Exquisite comfort and constant freshness
Micro-perforated perimeter strip Breathable and hygienic
System for moving the mattress with 6 side handles Exceptional practicality
Certificazione Ergonomica
Certificazione Ergonomica ottenuta dall’Ente di Certificazione per l’Ergonomia.
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 9001:2015 standard internazionale della qualità rilasciato da Bureau Veritas
Certificazione igienica
Certificazione igienica rilasciata da Bureau Veritas
LCA - Life Cycle Assessment
Технология Dorelan

7 targeted zones

Pocket springs system characterised by dual spiral springs made of a single steel wire able to offer an ergonomic and personalised support.

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Настоящий секрет здоровья, долголетия и молодости.

Хорошо спать, лучше жить.

Мы в Dorelan убеждены, что сон – наиболее натуральный и мощный способ, который ежедневно у нас под рукой, и который может обеспечить нас источником физической и психической энергии, а также гармонии с самим собой: <strong>настоящий секрет здоровья, долголетия и молодости
Настоящий секрет здоровья, долголетия и молодости.

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