Toppers in down and fibre

When the mattress no longer seems to meet the requirements for a good night's sleep, then it is time to add a topper to the bed system. This special accessory makes it possible to adjust or correct the firmness of the mattress.

With its range of toppers in down and fibre, Dorelan offers three products for three different support solutions. These toppers are comfortable, functional and machine washable.

The Toppers of the line Toppers in down and fibre


Support Soft.

down topper 70% Down + 30% Feathers


Support Balanced.

down topper 30% Down + 70% Feathers


Support Balanced.

fibre topper
Toppers in down and fibre

Don’t stop there! Our sleep experts are waiting for you.

For a unique experience of comfort in total harmony and complete relaxation. We at Dorelan listen to your wishes and devote all our energy to finding the right product for your needs.
The true secret to health, longevity and youth.

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