Dorelan has always been attentive to the wellness and sleep needs of children too. A special area of research has been dedicated to them resulting in a line of mattresses dedicated to their sleep.

All products of the line are designed bearing in mind the importance of the mattress in accommodating the sleep habits and positions of the child.

Sleeping well is a habit that starts from childhood: Dorelan shared its philosophy with a team of paediatricians who performed a dedicated study, then developed guidelines that lay down methods concerning production, structure and materials ideal for children.

The time of a child’s growth is extremely important so it is essential to ensure the well-being of a child’s sleep by providing a well designed mattress and a safe and comfortable pillow; in this way every moment devoted to sleep will be serene and rejuvenating for children and peaceful for parents too.

The Mattress of the line FORyoung


Support Soft.

Targeted support in Myform


Support Balanced.

Balanced support in Myform

Cico Fibersan

Support Balanced.

Balanced support with 400 Bonnel springs
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 9001:2015 standard internazionale della qualità rilasciato da Bureau Veritas
Certificazione igienica
Certificazione igienica rilasciata da Bureau Veritas

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For a unique experience of comfort in total harmony and complete relaxation. We at Dorelan listen to your wishes and devote all our energy to finding the right product for your needs.
The true secret to health, longevity and youth.

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