Reboot has a fresh and above all “easy” look and its strong and contemporary design comes from its young and casual lines, which do not forgo the high quality of materials and workmanship. Dedicated to those who prefer to create a bed that suits their personality, to live the sleeping area as a vibrant and eclectic place of leisure and creativity.

The bed base is avalable in 4 different finishing (the finishings named “Rombi” and “Righe” are not available in leather) with completly removable cover.
Available for mattress W90 x L190/200cm, W120 x L190/200cm, W160 x L190/200cm and W180 x L190/200cm.
Available headboards: H104cm e H124cm
For non-standard sizes please contact us.



In photo Reboot Bed without base for 160x200 cm mattress.
- Fabric accessories: Set for double bed duvet cover, Double bed sheet with corners, Double bed sheets
- Fabric accessories: 1 Decorative quilt, 2 Decorative Cushions 45x45 cm, 1 Decorative Cushion 65x65 cm
- Standard ABS foot black h (h.80 upon request)

Contact us for any odd-size requirements

Dorelan_Lab Technology

Pre-drilled plywood structure for faster assembly. Polyurethane foam padding and simple nylon velvet cover combined with polyester fibres and nylon velvet with printed “dorelan” logo.

Don’t stop there! Our sleep experts are waiting for you.

For a unique experience of comfort in total harmony and complete relaxation. We at Dorelan listen to your wishes and devote all our energy to finding the right product for your needs.
The true secret to health, longevity and youth.

Sleep well, live better.

We at Dorelan believe that sleep is the most natural, powerful remedy we have on hand daily to guarantee an irreplaceable source of physical and mental energy and peace within ourselves: the true secret to health, longevity and youth.
The true secret to health, longevity and youth.

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