100% Italian Quality
Dorelan products show the top quality of the typical Italian manufacture.
The design, the materials and the production cycle up to the finished product are completely carried out in Italy by highly skilled technical staff, which pays a great attention to the details and to the finishing of every single product.
Obtaining 100 % Italian quality is a philosophy rigorously followed by Dorelan and represents an added value in terms of quality, safety and benefits for the customer.
Further, manufacturing in Italy also means to pursue environmental protection, another important aspect of Dorelan production strategy. The development of our activities must be compatible with the surrounding environment in order to ensure the right balance among social, environmental and economic responsibilities.
The protection of ethical aspects, the continuous development, the safety and the quality of Dorelan products are all aspects that are strictly
linked to Italian production, representing the symbol of the Italian cultural identity.
This is a different way of satisfying customers, taking care of their requirements from the very first time they get in touch with us.



Dorelan has conceived a system of covers to give its customers the greatest personalization of their rest. This system includes 6 covers, each one with its own characteristics in order to obtain the maximum comfort and well-being of the mattress.
The very wide choice includes the hypo-allergenic “Fibersan”, “Myform Memory” making sleep more comfortable, “Stretch”, “Cotton”, which contributes to dispersing
heat, “Solo Tessuto (100% fabric)” which perfectly adheres to the mattress and
“Ingeo”, a natural fibre offering maximum softness and flexibility.
Myform HD Discover high-density pleasure